05-07-2005 Mother’s Day at Castle Crags

Transcribed from our old leather journal on June 14, 2018

We left Klamath at 4pm heading for Castle Crags near Dunsmuir on Interstate 5.  We arrived shortly after 6:30 to the State Park.  Camped in site #38.  The upper loop was closed and the lower loop was too close to the freeway. 

That is the only real drawback to this campground.  The freeway I-5 is very close by.  Our spot was one reserved for RV’s so was fairly level with the door opening out to a pretty meadow and a great view of the oak-pine-fir forest out the bedroom window.  We leveled a bit, settled, in, and I made soup and cheese sandwiches.

After dinner we walked up to the Vista Point.  About a mile of steep winding road that was restricted to RV’s.  Seemed like a lot of up!  We went to the Vista Point but it was too cloudy to see any of the view.  We skipped a fire and cozied up in bed with books and a good night’s sleep.

On Saturday we woke to a rainy morning so we had a great bacon and egg breakfast, and a slow and peaceful morning.  I finally knitted a scarf for Shera and Mo helped unravel and wind yarn.  Finally at 11:00 AM it was clear enough that we decided to take a hike. 

Followed the river trail for about 6 miles overall, 1.5 miles from the Riverside Day use area to the end and then looping back past the store and the campground trail to the north.  Beautiful hike along the Sacramento River.

Fritos, cheese, and wine while we put up the awning and set out the chairs and table and we just enjoyed the meadow for the rest of the afternoon.

Mo built a nice big fire and we baked potatoes and steak and veggies.  Great dinner.  After dinner we went down to the 1 mile Indian Creek loop for another lovely hike, but then the rain started.

We turned on the generator and watched Good Morning Viet Nam while it poured down rain and we slept great all night to the sound.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, it never stopped raining all night and was still pouring at 10:30 AM.  We cooked another good breakfast, and turned on the generator again to watch Fried Green Tomatoes.  Probably won’t be doing much outside today since it is so incredibly wet. 

We are having a little bit of leakage on the rear passenger window by the bed.  Hopefully we have isolated it.  Not a bed weekend, even with the rain.  We had a good time, good hikes, and were very comfortable in the MoHo.

04-09-2005 Maiden Trip to Lost Lake

Transcribed from the old leather journal on June 14, 2018

We left Mo’s house around 1PM, driving over Highway 140 to the Butte Falls Road #321.  There still was snow over the pass, but it thinned out before we got too far.

We took Road 992 to Prospect then up 62 to Union Creek, but all the campgrounds were still closed for the season.

We stopped for a BLT lunch at the Union Creek Campground and then headed back toward Medford.  We found a really nice state park with electric hookups for only $12. per night  at Joseph H Stewart Recreation Area and Campground and settled in.  Mo has a spider bite and Sue has a sore throat, so we are a pretty low key pair.  We had a glass of wine while we relaxed before our evening stroll.  What a way to live!

Stewart State Park was great.  Lovely campsites with electricity, nice trails to walk, lots of space between sites.  We slept well for more than 10 hours!  It was nice to turn the furnace on in the morning to take off the chill.  We drove down to Applegate Lake but there wasn’t much there to see.

Gas was $2.49 , we drove 222.5 miles total, and our mileage was 11.35 mpg.