Getting ready

OK.  It’s a cruise.  More than a cruise, it’s a Blues Festival on a ship.  It’s a birthday present for my daughter and I am going to be there with her.  Relaxing? Maybe not.  Unlike my daughter who is an avid blues fan, and has volunteered often at the big July 4th Portland Blues Festival, and traveled to Memphis for other big festivals, I simply enjoy blues now and then.  I also like to dance, now and then.  I love to cruise, enjoying the turquoise blues of the Caribbean and the gorgeous white sands.  I love sea days.  Last cruise Mo and I went on together, we thought there really wasn’t enough music around.  I would imagine that won’t be a problem on this cruise.  I am taking ear plugs as well.  Someone suggested noise cancelling headphones.  I might have to give that a try!  Just check out the music schedule!  O good lord, should be a ton of fun.  Mo isn’t going.  Ha.  Chicken!!!