Trying to come up with a title for today’s post and I just come up with nothing but “Kauai”. I suppose after I am here for a couple of days things will come to mind. I am not sure that I can title a post “air”, but it would be fitting. “Clarity” would be another apt title. Air and Clarity. Two things I am always searching for and both are here in amazing abundance. The air in this place is clearer than just about any air I have ever experienced, even with clouds and mist and humidity, as one guidebook said, breath deep, because it’s like a huge oxygen factory here in the mountains and you can almost hyperventilate just breathing. I will write about the adventures of getting here, the surprises of being here, where we are staying and what we are doing, but first, I had to just say “it is the air, most of all it is the air”

Getting Excited

OK. So Mo and I have this ongoing conversation, usually just before we are embarking on some kind of adventure. “Are you getting excited?” “No, I don’t get excited, that’s your job” So if you know us, you probably know which one of us is getting excited. Yeah, that’s me. LOL

This blog is now posted on an RV site because that’s how it started out, but when I started writing, I just wanted a way to track my travels and vacations to share with my kids and family, so if you are an RV’r, and believe me, I am following a TON of your blogs! but if you are and you see the map update with Kauai on there, be prepared, I didn’t drive to Kauai in the MoHo.

Next week will be all about Kauai, and the adventures that await. It’s still February, of course, that’s only because there’s an extra day here this year, but still February. It’s the time of year when no matter where I live I dream of green plants and velvet tropical air, and since I am still working full time, I have to actually plan to get there. Now we are in the “waiting to leave” part of the plans, and there are summery shorts and swimsuits and beach towels on the bed ready to go, even though it’s frosty every morning even here in the California Mother Lode Foothills.

Monday morning I will drive to Klamath, and Tuesday morning will drive to Medford, where we will be flying to Seattle and then a direct flight to Lihue, Kauai. Ahh, air miles, I love ’em!