Playing with WordPress

Like so many lovers of LiveWriter, I am reduced to using the blogger platform for the time being.  I have no clue how to make it “pretty”.  Frustrating, since pretty is one of the reasons I like to blog. Erin taught me how to use the HTML thing from LiveWriter, but oh what a slow process, at least for me.

I thought I would try WordPress.  Just a start, and I have no clue how to notify my followers and readers of the move, but here it is.  Comments would be greatly appreciated.  Is it tolerable?

For me it is extremely frustrating that I cannot seem to change my background or text colors without paying 99 bucks a year, just for a theme I enjoy looking at.  I imported from blogger, so everything is there, at least I think so.  There is a very strange widget thingy in the upper left corner that I cannot seem to find to get rid of or edit, probably part of the fancy theme I am using, who knows.  It is Greek to me so far.

try it here

The MoHo and Other Traveling Tales on WordPress
And here is an update. Now the comments don’t go with the blog. But they are still on the old one here, so I probably won’t take it down even if I use WordPress in the future.