Abby: Just in case you were wondering

walking Riverside SP (8 of 12)We are on the road, and I won’t be posting any blog updates for a bit of time, but thought it would be nice to give an update on Abby.  So many of you were so kind to offer support and comments.Kootenai Lake and Kaslo (44 of 71)

Abby is on Prednisone and her appetite is back to normal…maybe even better.  She is enjoying herself and some of the lumps feel a bit smaller.  Swimming is high on her agenda and while she doesn’t hike as far or as quickly as she used to, everything seems to be going well.

walking Riverside SP (6 of 12)We are encouraged by all the good information we have received from folks who have been through this and have had some good quality time with their dogs after diagnosis.

Thanks to everyone for the support.