Trying out Blogsy

With a new iPad and a big trip on the horizon, I thought it might be time to figure how to post from Blogsy, the app that is supposedly a reasonable way to replace LiveWriter when not using a compatible device. Gates and Jobs really hate talking the same language. So far I am not impressed, but neither am I all that impressed with my typing speed on this glass screen!

Ah well. Life does throw curves now and then. For my birthday on Saturday I had a great day, unaware that the twisted knee that I started with would morph into a torn meniscus making it nearly impossible for me to walk without crutches by the following Monday.

A much better surprise was the huge flock of young pelicans I saw on my way to town for a birthday breakfast. Or the gorgeous diamond hoop earrings my daughter brought to me on Sunday. Or the special pieces added to my heirloom dishes found by my other daughter on eBay and shipped my way.

Still, this way to post leaves a lot to be desired so for now this will have to suffice. Just practicing.