The Best Laid Plans and all that

Fullscreen capture 3192011 82829 AM After posting yesterday about our departure plans, I continued to check the internet for road conditions and weather cams.  Our original plan included visiting some good friends in Tehachapi, traveling east along Highway 58.  After reading about 6 inches of snow accumulation and predicted winds on Sunday of 40 plus miles per hour with gusts to 85! yes that is 85 mph, we thought we should possibly reroute.  Next plan, instead of driving over 58 toward Laughlin, we could just stay south on 5, get through LA hooking up to the 210 and the 10 heading east and go straight to Borrego Springs, saving Laughlin for the latter part of the trip and skipping out on our visit to friends.  That’s a bit sad since we haven’t seen them since 2007.

So, once again to  and the web cams and the severe weather reports.  What??!! 85 mph gusts at Bakersfield, Frazier Park, and 6 inches of snow possible over the Grapevine on Sunday???  Big Sigh. 

Jeremy doesn’t care whether we are traveling or home, just as long as he can be warm and snooze.Jeremy doesn't care

So here I am this morning, in my jammies typing away on the computer instead of driving south to Redding as planned.  We wrote all our friends along the route saying, nope, not this time.  We are packed and mostly loaded, watching the weather.  At first we thought we might wait until Monday, but looking a bit more closely led us to deciding on a Sunday departure.  Yes, high winds and rain all the way to Sacramento tomorrow, but not 85 mph.  We will hole up tomorrow night near Lodi, amble south on 5 toward the Grapevine and hole up again at a truck stop and wait to see what the road is doing on Monday morning.  Sooner or later we are going to get to all that hot sun and warm temperatures that everyone is talking about, right?

One of the very best things about retirement and the RV life is the ability to re-route, re-plan, and stay flexible.  Today, instead of driving, I am going to cook up a bunch of stuff for our trip that I hadn’t the opportunity to do last week.  Today the house will be filled the the smell of pulled pork in the crock pot, some chocolate chip and some peanut butter cookies, a big pot of spaghetti sauce to freeze, and a luscious turkey pot pie with a biscuit topping made from some of our leftover freezer turkey.  I won’t have to cook for a week while we are on the road!