January 24 Another! sea day

Day 3 Blues Cruise (5) It’s not often on a short 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise that you get to enjoy two sea days in a row.  Seems as though the most important thing to do is shop for diamonds and tanzanite in as many ports as possible.  Since the focus of this cruise was music and not diamonds, we had only three port days and two full sea days in a row.

My idea of a sea day is a lazy morning by the pool, a brisk walk on the upper deck, some reading on the veranda before a nice dinner and a show.  Ha!  Not so on the Legendary Blues Cruise.  The theme for this day was “Gimme Back My Wig”, but thank goodness we didn’t have to do anything about that theme until after dinner.  The schedule for the day was filled with all sorts of activities, including a harmonica workshop, a presentation by Taj Majal on the history of the blues, and a silent auction for items donated by Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Kenny  Wayne Sheppherd and others to support the Music Make Relief Foundation, and Gimme 5! New Orleans Artist Relief Fund.

Day 3 Blues Cruise (10) I actually have no clear memory of what I did all day before the “Wig Parade” at 10 pm and I wasn’t imbibing either!  It’s just that sea day thing, where it all starts to run together. Deb and I had a lovely breakfast in the Lido before she went off to the Autograph Signing Party to get her poster signed by the greats.  We shopped a bit for Legendary gear and I did succumb to a Blues Cruise tee shirt.   I do remember my walk, and how gorgeous the indigo seas looked through the white portals on the third deck.  I took some photos of the frigate birds following along the ship, and actually saw flying fish from the veranda.

The Wig Parade was much more than merely wigs, with people dressed up in all sorts of crazy costumes to support their wig of choice.  Deb and I sat back on the deck watching the people lining up for the parade and Deb even participated, getting her photo taken on stage for another one of the twenty buck cruise photos.  They sure didn’t miss any chances for photos on this cruise, even more than usual.

0111 Blues Cruise 051 0111 Blues Cruise 065  

After the parade, I fell into bed while Deb danced into the night and slipped into the stateroom long after the midnight hour.  I told her I wanted to be on deck by 6:30 in the morning for our sail in to Antigua, and she said, “Sure, Mom, no problem”.  Tomorrow, finally, we should have a nice warm day on an island.  Tomorrow, Antigua!