Do I REALLY want to be here?

Rocky Point snow day (25) I swore I didn’t need to post another photo of snow at Rocky Point, but I was wrong.  After returning home from our desert travels on Monday afternoon, it was wonderful to be here.  At first.  The snow was manageable and home was so welcoming and comfortable once the fire was blazing in the woodstove and we warmed our achy bones with a dip in the hot tub under the night sky. 

Yesterday, however, was a different story.  The snow that came down on Tuesday was thick and soupy and it rained hard all night before turning to a deep fluffy powder by morning.  We woke to a windy winter wonderland of snow laden firs, and another round of plowing, even though Mo spent a good part of the day before on the tractor.

Mo runs the tractor, I do the shoveling and we often share the snow blower duties.  After two hours of shoveling a foot thick load of moderately heavy snow over a six inch dead weight of frozen slush, I was ready to move to Florida.  Mo could barely push the stuff around with the tractor, and spent nearly three hours out there trying to get our road Rocky Point snow day (32)cleared down to Rocky Point Road. Once again, I was the grumpy one.  Hmm, do I see a pattern here?  I was so sick of lifting heavy snow, trying to toss it, only to have the entire load stick to the shovel and jerk me around, that I just said, “I quit.  I am done. No more.”  As luck would have it, I had managed to get the most of the snow out of the way enough that Mo could get the plow in the rest of the way. 

Of course, I had to move my truck out of the way first, (we store Mo’s Lexus and the baby car in the garage) and it was frozen solid.  I jerked and swore, and finally went inside to find the hair dryer to try to melt the frozen gunk all around the door seams.  Eventually I got the door open, and the frozen stuff removed enough from the windows that I could see to back the truck out into a spot across the road so Mo could continue to plow.

I decided to ease my grumpiness with a soothing daytime dip into the hot tub, of course I had to break some icicles and sweep off a bunch of snow to get into it.  Now remind me again, why do I love living in Rocky Point?  Oh yeah, it’s really pretty in the summer and the winter snows are gorgeous.

Rocky Point snow day (19) By late afternoon, the snow finally stopped, and Mo came back from her foray to the mailbox all excited, (at least as excited as she usually gets which is pretty low key).  She wanted to take me out to Rocky Point Road, which hadn’t been plowed at all during the entire day and looked wonderful.  The baby car has studded tires and four wheel drive, so it was great fun running around the neighborhood and checking out all the deep drifts, the snow laden forest, and the unplowed roads.  I jumped in and out of the car, snapping away, oohing and aahing at how beautiful the lake looked through the trees, how clean and white the snow looked, and decided that moving to Florida really wasn’t an option after all.Rocky Point snow day (17)