Rick is King!

IT King Rick to the Rescue! (link to Rick’s help)


A great photo of Laurie and Odel at dinner at the Fishermans Market

_SCN6001 _SCN5996Rick came to the rescue this morning with his comment on my last post with his great CNET download and instructions (linked above).  What a great guy.  I have to say this wouldn’t have been possible without my small purchase yesterday after Brian, the IT dude here at Catalina, hooked me up with a Wi-Fi booster.  At first I was skeptical, but seeing my signal go from 1 to 11 with the simple addition of this little baby was great.  I was able to download the software in a flash and with Rick’s clear instructions, in no time I had my photos back.  Yes!  So, maybe they aren’t the most fabulous photos in the world, but they are mine, and the Oasis is about 40 miles down the road in a direction we certainly didn’t want to do again in all the rain and flooded roads around here right now. THANK YOU RICK!!  



Desert Rain

Jumping cholla at Desert Hot Springs 2007

Joshua Tree 1-2-2008 12-33-31 PMRain in the desert is a good thing.  After months of drought, brilliant sunshine to a fault,  temperatures that can reach 120 degrees, I would imagine that local folks in the Coachella Valley are drinking in this storm and loving it.  I used to love the rain those long decades ago when I lived in Southern California.  I played in the washes as a kid, filled with wild rushing chocolate brown water, leaping among the boulders and pretending I was Davy Crockett in a storm.  I lived through all that somehow, and my daughter would gasp in horror if her kids tried the same thing.

I’m not so sure I will live through this storm, however, without some serious self talk.  It is raining just about everywhere in the west, or at least anywhere we could manage to get to in our eleven days of MoHo time.  It is snowing hard in Klamath, the power probably is out often enough to be a pain, and the satellite will no doubt need a bit of brushing to keep the channels up and running.  Here in the desert, we don’t have to shovel the rain.  We are somewhere new, seeing new sights, (through the rain of course) but new sights.

Miracle Hot Springs Pools Desert Hot Springs December 2008

DSCN0267 Yesterday we drove east through Indio, (in the rain) to visit the Oasis Date Farm.  We read a couple of reviews on the internet that made us laugh out loud.  If you find those reviews, read them for entertainment, but don’t let them stop you from going to the original.  The place was small, charming if not fancy, and I tasted at least a dozen kinds of dates and had a classic date shake.  I’m not sure just what I think of the date shake, but the date palms are beautiful, stately and graceful, with a history that goes back 5,000 years and a sex life that seems to need the constant intervention of dedicated date farmers to function.  I took a ton of photos, including a really cute one of Mo and Abby, and lots of graceful fronds against the dark skies.  We drove back west to the larger, more fancy Shields Date Farm and as nice as it was, we were glad to have experienced the Oasis, even though it was many more miles east.

 Blazing sun and cloudless skies Desert Hot Springs 2008 December

DSCN0283Our evening was filled with fun and friends and truly good food, sharing dinner with Laurie and Odel at the Fisherman’s Market in La Quinta.  I was surprised at the reasonable prices and the truly fresh seafood.  The menu was huge, with almost limitless choices, and I settled on a plate of Mahi Mahi, Salmon, and Shrimp, all grilled and teriyakeed to perfection.  Not quite Key West, but close. I took more photos. including a really great shot of Laurie and Odel.

The rain pounded all night long, and the thick dark clouds made viewing the full eclipse of the moon impossible, even though I was awake at midnight, at the time of the most shadow.  Yes, there are internet photos, my daughter took some great ones, other bloggers are posting as well about the beautiful night sky show.  That’s great.  Glad I didn’t take a photo.

This morning I went for another great long swim in the steaming pool, with rain falling on my face.  It was wonderful.  Thought about taking a photo of that as well, and almost ran back to the MoHo for the camera, fantasizing water level shots with the cloudy sky above the steam.  Sure glad I didn’t.  Later this morning, we drove over to the Sands RV Resort to play some great table shuffleboard with our friends and forgot to take some photos.  Good thing.

Clear blue skies in Joshua Tree NP December 2007

Joshua Tree 1-2-2008 1-37-15 PMThis evening, settling in to the twilight, I carefully took the SD card out of the camera, selected all the photos to move, and somehow hit a key, an unknown key on the LEFT side, NOT the delete key, and BLIP!  Gone.  Every single photo, just gone.  How the heck does that happen?  Of course, they are nowhere, into the ethers.  External stuff doesn’t delete to the recycle bin, we all know that.  I have no idea where they went, but they are truly gone. 

Ah well, I have entirely too many photos anyway, something like 43,000 just here on this computer since 2001 or so.  Who knows what I will find hiding there someday, but it won’t be photos of the Oasis Date Farm or Laurie and Odel at dinner.