First Snow!


I thought I had nothing to really talk about, and promised myself I wouldn’t get caught up in trying to blog every day.  But then it snowed last night, and this morning it was just too gorgeous to miss. Especially since my last conversation involved the very same trees.  This morning the snow is frozen solid and weighing down the young ones.  Our back yard maple is just 8 years old and with the extensive shade, it doesn’t grow as quickly as it might in a warmer, sunnier climate.  It really lights up the forest at this time of year, and again in the spring.  Hopefully the weight of the snow won’t break any branches.  The little fern leaf maple is under the fir canopy and with it’s small leaves, a bit more resilient to the snows. 

                                                                                                                                    Jeremy knows better, but doesn’t he make a great still-life?catJeremy (1)       

Hopefully this late fall storm will pass.  Monday is our day to get the MoHo out of snow country, driving west to Medford over Highway 140 and a fairly high pass.  Either way out of Klamath Basin involves crossing a pass, so we are really hoping that the snow melts over the weekend and we can get her safely south without having to drive on icy roads. Can’t leave till the kayaks get here, anyway. Seems we are cutting things a bit close for this year if the snow really is coming to stay this early in the season.  Often it doesn’t really hang around on the ground until after Thanksgiving.

Jeremy is quite content to sit inside when it’s cold. Of course, on the table is a serious no-no, but does he look troubled at all?  The “still life with cat” was too much fun to miss before I scolded him and he ambled off to a more appropriate cat resting place.