Trying to come up with a title for today’s post and I just come up with nothing but “Kauai”. I suppose after I am here for a couple of days things will come to mind. I am not sure that I can title a post “air”, but it would be fitting. “Clarity” would be another apt title. Air and Clarity. Two things I am always searching for and both are here in amazing abundance. The air in this place is clearer than just about any air I have ever experienced, even with clouds and mist and humidity, as one guidebook said, breath deep, because it’s like a huge oxygen factory here in the mountains and you can almost hyperventilate just breathing. I will write about the adventures of getting here, the surprises of being here, where we are staying and what we are doing, but first, I had to just say “it is the air, most of all it is the air”